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January 2015

Added to the section on Assessment and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)Added to the section on Assessment "Handbooks"
Added to the section on Degree Qualifications Profile

Mission College (Santa Clara, California)

  • Information about on-campus presentations.
  • Guidelines for MC assessment processes (pdf files).
  • Use of  CCSSE student engagement data for institutional level outcomes (ILOs) data (pdf file).
  • Information about:
    • standardized documents and forms used at MC, including program learning outcomes, service area outcomes. (pdf files).
    • tools and resources (pdf files).
    • Assessment handbook (pdf file).
  • Links to other assessment resources.

Northern New Mexico College: Office of the Provost

  • Common core assessment reports for multiple academic years (pdf files).
  • Departmental assessment feedback reports (pdf files).
  • Access to WEAVE limited to faculty and staff.
  • Reporting template (Word doc) and evaluation rubric (pdf file) for program assessment reports.
  • Institutional research has reports from student surveys (pdf files).
  • Links to other assessment resources.
Union County College: Office of Institutional Research (New Jersey)
  • Tips & guidelines for course-level assessment at UUC.
  • The Institutional Assessment Plan has more general information about assessment in UCC academic, service, & administrative units (pdf file).
  • Links to other assessment resources.
University of California, Merced: Office of Institutional Assessment
  • Principles of assessment.
  • Recognition by CHEA for Institutional Practice.
  • FAQ.
  • WASC Core Competencies at the institution.
  • Academic and administrative program assessment reports (pdf files); Annual academic program assessment cycle.
  • Links to other outcomes assessment resources.
  • Additional resources located at UCM Center for Research on Teaching Excellence.
University of Maine at Orono
  • Core values on assessment at UMO
  • Resources include:
    • Tips for students
    • Faculty union contract forms
    • Publications
    • Links to other assessment resources
December 2014

Added to the section on Faculty attitudes towards outcomes assessment
Added to the section on Quantitative data analysis methods and tools

Medgar Evers College: Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (New York)

  • Tools (pdf files)
    • Template for annual strategic planning report.
    • Handout from Walvoord workshop on assessment.
    • Types of evidence for student learning
    • Guidelines & data for strategic planning.
    • Handout on Bloom's taxonomy.
  • General education outcomes.
  • Links to other assessment resources.

November 2014

Added to the section on Assessment grants
  • Pepperdine University (the application is a Word document; use this link for the ASLC [Advancement of Student Learning Council] page).
Added to the section on Grades as outcomes assessment
Added to the section on Tools to Help Organize Assessment Information
  • In the ASSESS discussion-list archive, see the November 2014 thread Feedback requested on the assessment software Weave/Performance Cloud, initiated by Kimberly Gargiulo.

Added to the section on Assessment "handbooks"

Babson College (Massachussetts)

  • Overview and (pdf file) assurance of learning process.
  • General education learning goals (outcomes) for undergraduate and masters' degrees.
  • Links to other assessment resources.

University of Oklahoma: Office of Academic Assessment

  • Overview of assessment at OU.
  • Tips & guidelines for OU's assessment process.
  • Tips, guidelines, & links to resources for assessment, classroom assessment techniques, & rubrics.
  • About on-campus assessment workshops and events.
  • Information about academic program review (mostly pdf files).
University of Nevada, Reno
  • FAQ.
  • About student learning outcomes, with (still to come) examples.
    • The Style sheet is a Word document.
  • Assessing UNR's core curriculum (general education)
    • Core standards and (proposed) learning outcomes (Word document).
    • Assessment implementation plan (pdf file).
    • Assessment cycle.
    • Reporting guidelines & form (Word documents).
    • Still to come: Assessment rubrics.
  • Program assessment: Tips & guidelines for developing & implementing assessment processes.
  • Forms for assessment reporting (Word documents) and individual academic units' assessment plans.
  • Deadlines and information about on-campus workshops.
  • Institutional assessment data
Added to the section on Student assessment of courses and faculty

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