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May 2015

Added to the section on Supporting faculty involvement in assessment
Added to the section on Student assessment of courses and faculty
  • March 2015 thread Handling Scathing Student Evaluations of Teachers initiated by Michael Davison
Added to the section on Assessment "Handbooks" 
Added to the section on Quantitative data analysis methods and tools

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

  • General Principles of Assessment of Academic Advising
  • Implications for Assessment of Academic Advising (2011 National Survey Results)
  • Constructing Student Learning Outcomes in Academic Advising
  • Resources include:
    • Guidelines, handouts and materials (pdf files)
    • Institutional Examples

Dabney S. Lancaster Community College: Institutional Effectiveness Office (Virginia)

  • Resources on assessment reports (Powerpoint presentations & Word documents)
  • Administrative unit tips on report writing
  • Resources include workshop handouts  and links to other assessment resources.

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