Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

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New Links

November 2014

Added to the section on Assessment grants
  • Pepperdine University (the application is a Word document; use this link for the ASLC [Advancement of Student Learning Council] page).
Added to the section on Grades as outcomes assessment
Added to the section on Tools to Help Organize Assessment Information
  • In the ASSESS discussion-list archive, see the November 2014 thread Feedback requested on the assessment software Weave/Performance Cloud, initiated by Kimberly Gargiulo.

Added to the section on Assessment "handbooks"

Babson College (Massachussetts)

  • Overview and (pdf file) assurance of learning process.
  • General education learning goals (outcomes) for undergraduate and masters' degrees.
  • Links to other assessment resources.

University of Oklahoma: Office of Academic Assessment

  • Overview of assessment at OU.
  • Tips & guidelines for OU's assessment process.
  • Tips, guidelines, & links to resources for assessment, classroom assessment techniques, & rubrics.
  • About on-campus assessment workshops and events.
  • Information about academic program review (mostly pdf files).
University of Nevada, Reno
  • FAQ.
  • About student learning outcomes, with (still to come) examples.
    • The Style sheet is a Word document.
  • Assessing UNR's core curriculum (general education)
    • Core standards and (proposed) learning outcomes (Word document).
    • Assessment implementation plan (pdf file).
    • Assessment cycle.
    • Reporting guidelines & form (Word documents).
    • Still to come: Assessment rubrics.
  • Program assessment: Tips & guidelines for developing & implementing assessment processes.
  • Forms for assessment reporting (Word documents) and individual academic units' assessment plans.
  • Deadlines and information about on-campus workshops.
  • Institutional assessment data
Added to the section on Student assessment of courses and faculty

October 2014

Assessing service learning
Added to the section on Establishing degree qualifications / Projects from the Lumina Foundation
  • Pilot tests on the Degree Qualifications Profile have been completed and the full version was launched in October 2014.
Added to the section on Assessment "handbooks"
Added to the section on Assessment of Specific Skills or Content / Business/Management
  • Collegiate Assessment Partners' assessments of business-related skills. 
    • The brochure and articles are pdf files.
    • Test-development and curriculum consulting services are also available.
Bunker Hill Community College: SLOAP Faculty Task Force (Massachussetts)
  • SLOAP: Bunker Hill's student learning outcomes assessment program.
  • The SLOAP database has:
    • Information about Bunker Hill's assessment process.
    • Program and course-level learning outcomes, assessment methods, results, & impacts. (Click an X for the associated report. They don't look like hyperlinks, but they are.)
  • General education requirements, in the Additional Resources menu, includes Bunker Hill's general education outcomes.
City College of San Francisco (California)
  • About assessment and assessment activites at CCSF.
    • The assessment reporting summary is a pdf file.
  • Questions? FAQ.
  • Archive of assessment progress reports from academic programs & courses, and administrative & support programs.
    • Some detail reports are html pages, some are pdf files.
  • Instructional SLOs (html pages & pdf files unless otherwise indicated)
    • Guidlines & reporting templates for course and program outcomes assessment.
      • Program update directions & templates (Word documents).
    • General education and institutional outcomes and assessment & reporting processes.
    • Department details include 
      • An overview of the assessment process. 
      • Individual academic departments' pages with learning outcomes, assessment processes, & reports.
  • Guidelines for outcomes assessment in administrative and student services units.
    • Some department details pages include assessment processes & reports.
  • Highlights of individual units' assessment & effectiveness activities.
  • Professional development: Information about on-campus workshops & assessment-related events.
  • Resources include:
    • FAQ.
    • Handbook.
    • Links to other assessment resources.
    • A history of CCSF's SLO assessment processes & coordination.
  • Reports & committees
    • Most reports are pdf files. The assessment plan is a Word document.
    • Information about & from assessment committees & teams.
  • Scorecard reports of SLO assessment progress at CCSF.

September 2014

Added to the section on Assessment committees / Periodic assessment reports
  • In the ASSESS discussion-list archive, see the 
    • September 2014 thread external review of program assessment plans/annual reports initiated by Ying Xiong.
    • September 2014 thread Program Assessment Outcomes and Objectives initiated by Deborah Armstrong.
Added to the section on Assessment and Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
Added to the section on Assessing administrative and support units Added to the section on Enrollment, completion, & earnings data / Employment & earnings
  • State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Mid-Career Wages Reports
    • Median and mid-range wages up to 20 years after graduation (depending on graduation year) by degree level and discipline category.
    • The summary for 1992-93 graduates is a pdf file; the other reports are html pages.
Added to the section on Graduate program assessment  Added to the section on Graduate training in outcomes assessment Added to the section on Institutional support for outcomes assessment / Supporting faculty involvement in assessment
 Added to the section on Software for web surveys
Added to the section on State and Regional Assessment Organizations
Added to the section on Tools to Help Organize Assessment Information
  • In the ASSESS discussion-list archive, see the September 2014 thread Assessment software, initiated by Lisa Cota. Also see the associated thread Lisa Cota request, initiated by Bobby Matthews.

Angelina College: Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Texas)

  • The institutional effectiveness (IE) model & planning guidelines (pdf files) and reporting calendar include outcomes assessment steps.
  • Reporting form for program outcomes assessment (pdf file).
  • The template & instructions for core course syllabi includes instructions for core (general education) and program outcomes (pdf files).
  • Rubrics for core outcomes (pdf files).
  • Guidelines & request form for program-level surveys (pdf files).
  • Links to other assessment resources.
University of South Alabama: Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment
  • Assessment
    • Calendar: Deadlines and review schedule & process.
    • Training/tips (pdf files)
      • Guidelines tips, & examples.
      • Administrators' review process.
      •  Evaluation rubrics for assessment plans & reports.
      • Information about on-campus workshops.
      • Note: Survey procedures & tips were not available when last checked.
    • Individual academic & administrative/support units' assessment plans (pdf files).
    • Research reports (pdf files).
      • Results from NSSE and from surveys of graduating students & alumni.
      • Institutional research reports: retention, non-returners survey, etc.
    • Information from & about the assessment advisory committee (pdf files).
    • TracDat guide & examples (pdf files). TracDat access is restricted to USA faculty & staff.
  • Related links / institutional research and related sites (under Policy and Planning) includes a link to this site.